Cabinet Refinishing

Have you been thinking of updating the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom?


You have come to the right place! Kitchens and bathrooms have become the most updated/renovated spaces in a house and there is nothing more cost effective than a High Quality cabinet paint job. We have years of experience offering clients factory-like finishes on cabinets of all kinds. Whether you have a builder grade kitchen, oak cabinets, or custom cherry cabinets we can develop a solution for you.

Unfortunately, lots of house painters with a van and a brush say they can paint cabinets, but are you ready to trust just anybody to paint one of the most used and important rooms in your house? In our experience your typical house painters are not professionals at cabinet refinishing.

With our cabinet refinishing process we will give you a factory-like finish that is durable, looks beautiful, and will increase the value of the home at a fraction of the costs of new cabinets.

Check out our portfolio to see some amazing before, during, and after shots to see for yourself why choosing Nu Hue for your cabinet project is the way to go!

Our Cabinet Refinishing Process:

  • We start removing the doors and drawer fronts from cabinet boxes
  • Remove the hardware
  • Mask off the interior of the cabinet boxes, with our system you typically don’t have to remove any items from inside the cabinets
  • Protect the surrounding areas that are not getting painted, counter tops, walls, ceilings, flooring, etc. and create a cacoon of plastic around the cabinets.
  • Setup HEPA fan outside of the plastic area to help scrub the air clean
  • Clean the surfaces to be painted using degreaser and a scouring pad
  • Scuff sand the surfaces
  • Clean surfaces again using a vacuum and tack cloth
  • Apply primer using the HVLP sprayer
  • After it dries we do a sanding to ensure a smooth surface
  • We clean all surfaces again
  • Apply first top coat using the sprayer on all surfaces
  • After it dries we sand and clean again
  • Apply final top coat
  • Clean up work space from tape, plastic, and paper
  • Reinstall hardware, doors, and drawer fronts
  • Install felt pads for a soft close
  • Wipe cabinets down to buff clean